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Support Plans Overview

Get assistance or insights to hit the ground running and optimize your Qubitro experience.


Unlock a wealth of free resources including our bustling Discord community and insightful Qubitro tutorials.


Reach out directly to the Qubitro support team during business hours for prompt professional assistance.

  • Email Support: Address your queries and challenges effectively.
  • Business Hours: Avail support tailored to ensure seamless operations.
  • Get Started (opens in a new tab): Connect for tailored assistance.

💎 Premium

Prioritized support, dedicated Slack channel, and video call options, ensuring your complex, mission-critical applications always perform optimally.

  • Dedicated Slack Channel: A direct line for real-time communication and support.
  • Video Call Options: Schedule calls for in-depth assistance and walkthroughs.
  • Custom Development: Get tailored device decoders, data sources, and more to fit your specific needs.

For an in-depth overview, consider exploring our pricing page (opens in a new tab) page.

Accessing Your Support Plan

You can review and manage your current support plan directly under the Billing tab in your Qubitro account.

Support Options

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