ChirpStack Integration Overview

Qubitro has no-code source integration support for ChirpStack (opens in a new tab) LoRaWAN® Network Server.

Creating the integration

Copy credentials

To get the required credentials, choose a project from the list, then, click on the New source button and click on ChirpStack in the list.

Keep this page open and navigate to the ChirpStack Application Server to configure the webhook integration.


Integration configuration

Click on the Integrations tab under the project and click on the ADD or EDIT button on the HTTP:// option.

ChirpStack Credentials

Marshaler type: - JSON
Endpoint URL: - https://webhook.qubitro.com/integrations/chirpstack

Copy and paste the values provided in the first step for the header values

Header Name: projectId - Header Value: <PROJECT_ID>
Header Name: webhookSigningKey - Header Value: <WEBHOOK_SIGNING_KEY>

An example configuration:

ChirpStack Example Configuration

Configure the decoder and verify the data

If you want to process incoming data, you need to configure decoder functions. You can create custom decoder functions or choose from available device templates.

Create a decoder function by navigating to the Functions tab located on the device page.

Decoder Function

Then, navigate to the device and click on the Data tab to verify the incoming data.

Device Data

(Optional) Customize device information

You can customize device information, such as avatar, name, brand, and model, by navigating to the device settings.

Device Customization

An example device configuration:

Device Overview


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