API Keys

API Keys Overview

The API key allows you to build custom applications and take complete control of your account. API Keys are used with Qubitro REST APIs and SDKs.

Creating an API Key

You can create a new API key by simply navigating to the credentials page

Navigate to the API Keys page

Click the Credentials tab on the home page, then, click on the API Keys on the left.

Qubitro API Key Page

Generate new API Key

Click the Generate API key button, choose expiration data and provide a unique name, then, click on the Generate new API Key button

Qubitro API Key Generate

Copy and save the API Key

For security purposes, the newly generated API key will be displayed only once. Ensure that you save it in a secure environment.

Qubitro API Key Save

Deleting an API Key

You can delete an API key by clicking the three dots on the right of each API key listed on the API Keys page.


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