MQTT Source Overview

MQTT is a client-server publish/subscribe messaging transport protocol that is lightweight and suitable for IoT applications.

Support for MQTT is based on the MQTT v3.1.1 (opens in a new tab) and MQTT v5.0 (opens in a new tab) specifications.

Creating an MQTT Source

Before you can send data, you need to create a new MQTT source by simply navigating to the project detail page and clicking on the New Source button.

Choose MQTT from the available options, fill in the required fields and click on the Create button.

HTTP Webhook Configuration

MQTT Credentials

The Device ID and Device Token are two required credentials for the client to publish data, and you can find these on the device overview page or in the device settings.

Click on the device and expand the Connection details section to access the Device ID and Device Token, which are used as the username and password, respectively, for MQTT client compatibility.

MQTT Overview

You can also click on the device and click on the Settings tab. Device ID and Device Token be found under the Unique IDs card.

MQTT Device Settings


  • Broker Address: The server that manages the transfer of messages.

    • For Qubitro:
  • Ports:

    • TCP (unencrypted): 1883
    • SSL/TLS (encrypted): 8883
  • Client ID: A unique identifier for each MQTT client.

    • Provided by Qubitro and always equal to the Device ID.
  • Username/Password: Authentication credentials.

    • Generated by Qubitro and always equal to Device ID and Device Token.
  • Topic: The messaging channel.

    • Typically set to the Device ID in Qubitro. The topic must be set to the Device ID for Qubitro to be able to store data and utilize platform features. Qubitro also allows the use of different topics for device-to-device communication.
  • Quality of Service (QoS):

    • 0: At most once, without confirmation.
    • 1: At least once, with confirmation.
    • 2: Exactly once, with a four-step handshake.

Specifications Overview

Port (TCP)1883
Port (SSL/TLS)8883
Client IDDevice ID generated by Qubitro
UsernameDevice ID generated by Qubitro
PasswordDevice Token generated by Qubitro
TopicDevice ID generated by Qubitro
QoS (Quality)0 (At most once), 1 (At least once), 2 (Exactly once)


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