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Qubitro Scale Plan

The Scale Plan is a $2 per device / month package designed for startups, PoCs, and professional developers, bundling essential features at an affordable rate. Key features include:

Upgrading to Scale Plan

To upgrade from the Starter plan:

  1. Go to the Qubitro Portal
  2. Go to the Settings tab and select Billing (or click the Upgrade button from the right-top of the screen)
  3. Under the Plan card click the Upgrade to Scale button
  4. Enter your card details and billing information
  5. Click Add card to upgrade

Moving from Scale to Enterprise Plan

Moving from the Scale to Enterprise plan, you receive increased limits and access to other features:

Qubitro Scale & Enterprise plan comparison
Project Limit25Custom
Device Limit100Custom
Dashboard Limit250Custom
Function Limit250Custom
Storage Functions-Yes
Data retention period per device14 daysCustom
Data publishing rateOne data point per secondTen data points per second
Maximum size per data point10KB10MB
Access ManagementYesYes
Public DashbordsYesYes
Public Dashboards password protection-Yes
Billing Role-Yes
Custom Source Integrations-Custom
Annual Payment Option-Yes
Dedicated Support-Custom

The Enterprise Plan is a custom-priced plan designed to offer advanced features, enhanced support, and customization options to meet the complex needs of large-scale and professional IoT deployments.


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