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Qubitro Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is always free and no credit card is required. The starter plan is crafted for personal projects and platform discovery. It provides a robust set of features at no cost, including:

  • One Project
  • Two Devices
  • One Dashboard
  • Four Functions (Limited to Webhook Rule Functions and Decoder Functions)
  • 7 days data retention period per device
  • One data point per second data publishing rate
  • 0.5KB maximum size per data point

Moving from Starter to Scale Plan

Moving from the Starter to Scale plan, you receive increased limits and access to other features:

Qubitro Starter & Scale plan comparison
Project Limit125
Device Limit2100
Dashboard Limit1250
Function Limit4250
Data retention period per device7 days14 days
Data publishing rateOne data point per minuteOne data point per second
Maximum size per data point0.5KB10KB
Access Management-Yes
Public Dashboards-Yes

The Scale Plan is a $2 per device / month package designed for startups, PoCs, and professional developers, bundling essential features at an affordable rate. Key features include access management and a higher data retention period.


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