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Billing FAQ

Billing Overview

This page provides an overview of billing on Qubitro.

Billing FAQ for Scale Plan

For details on the pricing of the Scale Plan, please refer to the pricing page (opens in a new tab).

Payment Schedule

Payments are processed at the beginning of each billing cycle. Invoices cover the upcoming cycle and any extra usage from the previous one.

Payment Methods

Scale Plan accepts only credit card payments. For more details, visit payment methods.

Overdue Accounts

Accounts become "overdue" if payment isn’t received, leading to restrictions:

  • No new resources or data ingestion
  • Suspension of all resources after 14 days

Reasons for overdue status:

  • Expired cards
  • Declined payments
  • Incorrect card details
  • Reports of lost or stolen cards
  • No card on record

Resolution: Add a new payment method to restore the account to good standing.

Delayed Payment

Payments cannot be delayed under any circumstances.

Annual Payments

The Scale Plan doesn’t support annual payments. For annual payment options, consider upgrading to the Enterprise Plan.

Changing Payment Method

Users can change their payment method. However, a new payment method must be added before removing the previous one.

Billing FAQ for Enterprise Plan

For the specific pricing of the Enterprise Plan, please refer to the pricing page (opens in a new tab).

Payment Schedule

Enterprise Plan payments are processed either monthly or annually, based on the selected billing option.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made via credit card or ACH/Wire transfers for those on an annual billing cycle.


Payments are accepted in any currency, as long as the credit card provider supports conversions to USD.

Overdue Accounts

If a payment is overdue, service restrictions or suspensions may be applied until the payment issue is resolved.

Annual and Wire Payments

The Enterprise Plan uniquely supports annual payments and accepts wire transfers upon agreement.

Changing Payment Method

Enterprise customers can update their payment method in account settings or seek support for modifications.


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