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Usage and Limits

Usage & Limits Overview

This page provides an overview of the usage & limits of Qubitro.

Usage Calculation

Qubitro’s billing precision is anchored in a per-device, per-hour calculation mechanism. This ensures users are billed only for actual usage, bringing in cost-effectiveness and transparency.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Users can monitor their current device usage in real-time via the Qubitro portal’s billing page. This facilitates informed decision-making and efficient management of resources.

  • Practical Example: If a device is added and later deleted after 14 days on the Scale Plan, the user is billed solely for the 336 hours of usage, not the entire month.

Enterprise Plan Add-Ons

Enterprise Plan users can further customize their experience with optional add-ons, each incurring an additional monthly fee. These add-ons are crafted to meet diverse operational needs and preferences.

Example add-ons:

  • Platform Fee: A fee for enhanced platform features and capabilities.
  • White Labeling Fee: A fee enabling the customization of the platform’s appearance to align with the organization’s branding.
  • Custom Integration/Function Fee: Fees applicable for specialized integrations and functionalities tailored to the organization's specific requirements.

Accessing Usage Information

Users can monitor their specific device usage details, add-on subscriptions, and associated costs directly on the billing page within the Qubitro portal, ensuring transparency and control.


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