Scheduled Functions

Scheduled Functions Overview

Scheduled functions run tasks at regular intervals, with the capability to customize their actions.

Creating a Scheduled Function

Select a device that you want to create a function for and navigate to the detail page. Click on the Functions tab, then, click on the Create function button.

Click on Get started next to the Scheduled function and choose a function template from the list.

New Function

Function options

Schedule Configuration

Scheduled Functions can be configured to be executed on a schedule.

CRON expression examples

Example cron expression formats
FieldValue RangeExample ExpressionDescription
Minute0 - 59* * * * *At every minute
Minute0 - 595 * * * *At minute 5
Minute0 - 59*/5 * * * *At every 5th minute
Minute 0 - 59*/30 * * * *At every 30th minute
Hour0 - 240 */12 * * *At minute 0 past every 12th hour
Day/Hour of Week0 - 235 8 * * 0At 08:05 on Sunday
Day/Hour of Week0 - 6* * * * 5At every minute on Friday

Timezone support

Scheduled functions support timezone which can be chosen during the configuration.

Example configuration

Scheduled Function Example Configuration

Validate cron expressions

CRON expression input field has a validator but you can also use crontab guru (opens in a new tab) to validate your cron expressions.

CRON Syntax Example Error


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