Qubitro REST API

The Qubitro REST API allows developers to interact programmatically with their Qubitro account and services using HTTP requests.

With the API, developers can build custom IoT applications, manage device data, retrieve information about projects, and manage other resources.

The API supports any programming language or framework that can send HTTP requests.

API Basics

Our API is exposed as an HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 service over SSL. All endpoints live under the URL<LATEST_VERSION> and then generally follow the REST architecture.

Latest version : v2


API keys are required to authenticate and use the Qubitro API.

  Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>

Creating an API Key

API Keys can be generated and managed directly from the Credentials tab on the home page of the Qubitro Portal.

Simply go to the credentials tab and select API Keys.

Enter a descriptive name and select an expiration date for the Key and click Generate new API Key.

Create API Key

Click Copy API Key to copy and save.

Copy API Key

API Clients

The easiest way to get started is to install SDKs.


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