Fastest way to build IoT Projects

Collect, visualize and control your device data with zero infrastructure setup.

The only one platform you need

Qubitro IoT Cloud designed from scratch to make you able to build IoT projects without worrying about anything to work with your devices.

All-in-One & Fully Managed

Don't spend your time on infrastructure setup.

Zero infrastructure setup
We manage the entire infrastructure so you don't need to setup any database or write a single line of code.
Data visualization and analytics
You can visualize device data with your favorite charts and widgets without any integration.
Built-in integrations
Both periodic and alert type triggers are built-in so you can easily communicate with other services.

One platform for any device

We take care of everything you need.

Device & language support
Our platform has support for any device that connects to the internet.
We offer always up-to-date documentation for the most popular programming languages.
Connect via the Wi-Fi, Cellular, or NB-IoT

We offer the fastest user experience.

High availability

Our platform can autoscale with ease.


Visualization without 3rd. party integrations.

Device Support

Support for any device that connects to the Internet.