New updates and product improvements.

Buse IricanBeray Bentesen
April 5, 2024

Simplified multiple dashboard creation with device templates

  • Dashboard Creation with Templates: Now quickly set up multiple dashboards with a new copy function that duplicates settings from previous configurations.
  • Device Template Selection: Curated templates available for a variety of device types to streamline the setup process.
  • Dashboard Naming and Suffix Customization: Intuitive naming and suffix options for easy identification and organization.
  • Improved Tagging System: Upgraded tagging for efficient dashboard categorization.

Qubitro Portal - Dark Theme

Buse IricanBeray Bentesen
November 28, 2023

Dashboard Export/Import, Function Logs, Multiple Recipients Support, and Billing Customizations

New Features

  • One-Click Dashboard Export/Import: Simplify dashboard management with a new feature that allows:
    • Export: Use the 'Export' button to save dashboard settings as a JSON file.
    • Navigate: Select 'From a JSON file' under Dashboards tab for new dashboards.
    • Import and Create: Upload the JSON file to replicate dashboard settings for any device type, streamlining setup for similar devices.
  • Action-level Error Logs for Functions: Introducing action-level error logs in the Function list for clearer troubleshooting.
  • Multiple Recipients for Mailgun & SendGrid: Mailgun and SendGrid Rule Functions now support multiple recipients, simplifying notification processes. Updates to existing functions to add more recipients are also supported.


  • Tax ID Customization: Now available under the 'Billing' page in organization settings, allowing for personalized billing information.
  • Invoice Language Customization: Select your preferred language for invoices from the 'Billing' page in organization settings for a tailored billing experience.
Samuel ArchibaldBuse IricanBeray Bentesen
November 20, 2023

New Storage Functions, New Device Templates, 2FA Support

New Features

  • Expanded Storage Functions: Added MongoDB Time Series and AWS Redshift to Storage Functions for more flexible data storage options. Features include:
    • 100% no-code configuration.
    • Automatic insertion of Device ID and Project ID into metadata.
    • Support for Transformation Function for data transformation.
    • Expanded credentials management for sensitive information. Exclusive to the Enterprise plan.
  • Device Templates for Dashboards: Enhanced visualization and collaboration features for LoRaWAN™ devices with plans to extend to all device types.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA): Now available for enhanced account security for all account types. Activate via Account Settings → Two-factor authentication.


  • Widget Updates: Improved the colorize gauge widget with gradient transition as the default setting.
  • Interactive Guidelines on Documentation: Introduced interactive guidelines for a streamlined experience, exemplified by adding Twilio credentials to Qubitro.
Buse IricanBeray Bentesen
November 4, 2023

New Transformation Functions, MQTT Storage Functions, and Enhanced Security Features

What's New

Transformation Functions

Introducing Transformation Functions, leveraging JSONata for efficient data manipulation. Features include:

  • Modify incoming data, create new points, and remove unnecessary ones.
  • Seamless integration with Storage Functions for pre-destination data transformation.

New Storage Function: MQTT Publish

  • A new function that enables data forwarding to MQTT brokers, enhancing integration with existing architectures.
  • Compatible with popular MQTT brokers and AWS IoT Core.
  • Expanded Credential templates now include MQTT, simplifying secure storage and use of MQTT broker credentials.

Enhanced Rule Functions

  • Multiple Receivers for Twilio: Updated Twilio Rule Functions to support multiple receivers, streamlining notification processes.

Security and Customization Updates

  • Password Protection for Public Dashboards: For Enterprise plan users, dashboards can now be password-protected for public viewing, enhancing customer privacy and security.

Widget Enhancements

  • Customizable Chart Widget Y-axis: Newly updated chart widgets allow for customizable Y-axis positioning, improving the visualization and comparison of multiple data ranges.
Samuel ArchibaldBuse IricanBeray Bentesen
October 21, 2023

Advanced Rule Function Conditions, JavaScript Logic Builder, and Dashboard Widget Enhancements

Enhancements Overview

Expanded Rule Function Conditions

We're thrilled to introduce an expansion in the condition configuration options for Rule Functions to cater to advanced needs:

  • Utilize the JavaScript Logic Builder within condition settings for automatic insertion of data keys with correct syntax.
  • The built-in ***trigger*** method can be used within the script as needed, simplifying custom logic creation.
  • This feature requires no configuration and is available across all Rule Functions.

Dashboard & Widget Updates

  • Table Widget Enhancements: Now features a CSV export option with customizable separators, facilitating data analysis and sharing.
  • Stat Widget Improvements: Upgraded with more style options and conditional coloring for better data visualization and engagement.
Buse IricanBeray Bentesen
August 12, 2023

Dark Theme Support, Default Account Preferences, New Table Widget

New Features

Dark Theme Support

Qubitro Portal now automatically adapts to dark mode, ensuring an eye-friendly experience day and night!

Qubitro Portal - Dark Theme

New Table Widget

With the Table Widget, you can automatically view selected data values across all similar data points or devices in a well-organized table format.

It’s designed to make data comparison and analysis a breeze, offering you a clear and comprehensive view of your data at a glance.


Default Account Preference

When you sign in, you no longer have to switch between your personal and organization accounts manually.

Simply choose your preferred default account, and every time you log in, you’ll be directed there automatically.

Self-activation of Organization

You can now activate an organization with agreed limits and pricing directly on the Portal using a unique code provided by our team.

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