New Storage Functions, New Device Templates, 2FA Support

New Features

  • Expanded Storage Functions: Added MongoDB Time Series and AWS Redshift to Storage Functions for more flexible data storage options. Features include:
    • 100% no-code configuration.
    • Automatic insertion of Device ID and Project ID into metadata.
    • Support for Transformation Function for data transformation.
    • Expanded credentials management for sensitive information. Exclusive to the Enterprise plan.
  • Device Templates for Dashboards: Enhanced visualization and collaboration features for LoRaWAN™ devices with plans to extend to all device types.
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA): Now available for enhanced account security for all account types. Activate via Account Settings → Two-factor authentication.


  • Widget Updates: Improved the colorize gauge widget with gradient transition as the default setting.
  • Interactive Guidelines on Documentation: Introduced interactive guidelines for a streamlined experience, exemplified by adding Twilio credentials to Qubitro.
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