Dashboard Export/Import, Function Logs, Multiple Recipients Support, and Billing Customizations

New Features

  • One-Click Dashboard Export/Import: Simplify dashboard management with a new feature that allows:
    • Export: Use the 'Export' button to save dashboard settings as a JSON file.
    • Navigate: Select 'From a JSON file' under Dashboards tab for new dashboards.
    • Import and Create: Upload the JSON file to replicate dashboard settings for any device type, streamlining setup for similar devices.
  • Action-level Error Logs for Functions: Introducing action-level error logs in the Function list for clearer troubleshooting.
  • Multiple Recipients for Mailgun & SendGrid: Mailgun and SendGrid Rule Functions now support multiple recipients, simplifying notification processes. Updates to existing functions to add more recipients are also supported.


  • Tax ID Customization: Now available under the 'Billing' page in organization settings, allowing for personalized billing information.
  • Invoice Language Customization: Select your preferred language for invoices from the 'Billing' page in organization settings for a tailored billing experience.
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