New Transformation Functions, MQTT Storage Functions, and Enhanced Security Features

What's New

Transformation Functions

Introducing Transformation Functions, leveraging JSONata for efficient data manipulation. Features include:

  • Modify incoming data, create new points, and remove unnecessary ones.
  • Seamless integration with Storage Functions for pre-destination data transformation.

New Storage Function: MQTT Publish

  • A new function that enables data forwarding to MQTT brokers, enhancing integration with existing architectures.
  • Compatible with popular MQTT brokers and AWS IoT Core.
  • Expanded Credential templates now include MQTT, simplifying secure storage and use of MQTT broker credentials.

Enhanced Rule Functions

  • Multiple Receivers for Twilio: Updated Twilio Rule Functions to support multiple receivers, streamlining notification processes.

Security and Customization Updates

  • Password Protection for Public Dashboards: For Enterprise plan users, dashboards can now be password-protected for public viewing, enhancing customer privacy and security.

Widget Enhancements

  • Customizable Chart Widget Y-axis: Newly updated chart widgets allow for customizable Y-axis positioning, improving the visualization and comparison of multiple data ranges.
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