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Devices Overview

In the Qubitro ecosystem, a 'Device' represents a unique identity. These devices can be automatically created via source integrations or manually established using APIs and the Qubitro Portal.

Each device benefits from an isolated data infrastructure and has dedicated tools associated with it, ensuring that it operates independently while maintaining seamless integration.

Creating a device

Connect (or create) a new source

You can create a new device or import existing devices from a 3rd. party platform by simply navigating to the project detail page and clicking on the New Source button.

New Source

Select a source type

Once you've selected a source, simply follow the instructions depending on the chosen source.

New Source Steps

Follow the steps

Once you've selected a source, simply follow the instructions depending on the chosen source.

Get started by selecting a source type based on your needs.

Device settings

You can modify basic device information such as name, brand, model and description through the device settings page. Simply select a device from the list, then, select the Settings tab:

Device Settings - Unique IDs

Device Tags

You can use tags to differentiate and identify your devices.

Device Settings - Tags

Device Avatar

You can further customize each device by adding a unique avatar.

Click on the default avatar and choose an image, then, click on the Update button.

Device Settings - Avatar Update

Device Details & Attributes

You can update essential settings including device name, description, brand, and model.

Device Settings - Attributes

Deleting a device

You can delete a device by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of the General tab.

Be aware that deleting a device results in the removal of all associated resources. This includes the data, functions, and any widgets related to the device within the dashboards.

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