How to integrate The Things Stack with Qubitro

Qubitro has no-code source integration support for The Things Stack LoRaWAN® Network Server.

Copy credentials

To get the required credentials, choose a project from the list, then, click on the New source button and click on The Things Stack in the list.

Keep this page open and navigate to The Things Stack console to configure the webhook integration.


Configure Webhook integration on The Things Stack

Choose the application on The Things Stack console then click on Webhooks from the left navigation menu. Next, click the Add webhook button located at the top right of the page, and choose Qubitro from the list.

Copy and paste the values provided in the first step on the Qubitro Portal. You can also copy values individually from the Projects Settings and Credentials tabs.

An example configuration:


Click on the Create Qubitro webhook button and go back to the Qubitro Portal.

Verify integration

Click on the Go to project button and then the Refresh button to verify that the devices are listed successfully.

NOTE: Once the integration is configured, all devices connected to the same project on The Things Stack will be synchronized automatically.


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