March 14, 2024

How does Qubitro compare to AWS

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While Amazon Web Services (AWS) has pioneered the cloud computing space with its extensive offerings, Qubitro takes a focused approach that is tailored made for IoT development. We respect AWS for its capability to support vast and complex operations, but we recognize the challenges it presents, including an increasingly clunk user interface  and vendor lock-in.

What We Have in Common

Actually, we don't have a lot of overlap. However, Qubitro does offer no-code integration with AWS LNS and data warehouses like AWS Redshift. This serves as an optional extension, offering flexibility to customers who choose to integrate their operations with AWS without the need for vendor lock-in through proprietary services or APIs.

How We Differ

At Qubitro, we have a very focused mission: to unleash the value of your connected fleet so you can build magical experiences.

Qubitro offers a specialized alternative to AWS's "supermarket" approach, focusing on making IoT development accessible and free from the common pitfalls of cloud computing.

Features Side-by-Side

FeatureQubitroAWS IoT Services
Setup TimeMinutesCan take days to months
Managed StorageYes, efficient and scalableAvailable, but requires configuration
FunctionsCustomizable, ready-to-use functionsComplex integration needed
CollaborationIntegrated tools for team projectsRequires additional AWS services
Device TemplatesPre-configured templates for quick setupNot as readily available
White-LabelingComprehensive options for brandingLimited to certain services
No-Code IntegrationsWide range of no-code source integrationsMainly within AWS services
MQTT ConnectivitySimplified and fully managedAvailable, configuration needed
APIs and SDKsReady-to-use, aimed at ease of developmentRequires setup and expertise
DashboardsHighly customizable with a wide range of optionsSeparate service required
PricingCustomizable, project-based simple billingComplex, with extensive options
BillingStreamlined and simplified for better managementComplex, multi-tiered billing

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