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March 14, 2024

Onomondo & Qubitro: Simplifying Enterprise IoT

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We are pleased to announce a partnership with Onomondo aimed at simplifying IoT connectivity and data management.

The heart of the collaboration is a no-code integration between Qubitro’s device data platform and Onomondo's global connectivity solutions, enabling businesses to efficiently manage and scale IoT deployments.

Why Now?

Businesses increasingly recognize the potential of IoT to power dynamic connected experiences, driving growth and operational innovation. From EV charging and manufacturing to “brick and mortar” retail and offices, a huge range of  companies are turning to IoT solutions to improve operations and offer new experiences to their customers.

However, the effectiveness of these initiatives often depends on utilizing device data effectively and efficiently. If the data is siloed, outdated, or incomplete, the potential for IoT-based experiences to make a meaningful impact is significantly reduced. In addition to upfront deployment, ensuring that operational and device data is accurate, timely, and securely managed is crucial for getting the most out of any IoT investment.

We’ve worked with Onomondo to address this challenge with a seamless integration between  our platforms, combining the power of Qubitro’s IoT and data management capabilities with Onomondo’s global connectivity options. Customers can now seamlessly scale existing or new IoT initiatives from a few devices to thousands, eliminating traditional complexities.


"By combining Onomondo's global cellular network with Qubitro's IoT development platform with Onomondo's unique Connectors, we see an incredible example of how IoT projects can be significantly simplified in the context of devices, connectivity, and cloud. A big step towards a more unified solution."

Henrik Aagaard, — CTO and co-founder at Onomondo

What the partnership unlocks

Our partnership with Onomondo is simple: we’ve integrated our platforms so you don’t have to!

The foundation is a no-code integration between Onomondo Cloud and Qubitro, enabling companies to unlock the value of their connected fleet with real-time data transformation and connectivity.


The integration currently enables the following functionality:

  1. Automatically syncing SIMs and unique information by creating a device on Qubitro.
  2. The ability to pull data and store it in time series format with optional data transformation functionalities.

Onomondo's Connectivity Capabilities with Qubitro:

With the partnership between Qubitro and Onomondo, customers gain the flexibility needed for seamless integration, highlighted by:

  • Save Time: Companies can significantly reduce the time spent on integrating IoT devices with cloud services thanks to the no-code integration.
  • Reduced Infrastructure Complexity: The partnership offers a streamlined process, minimizing the need for complex infrastructure setup and maintenance.
  • Instant Access to Data: The integration provides companies with real-time data access, enabling quick decision-making and accelerated GTM (Go-to-Market).
  • Global Connectivity: Onomondo’s global cellular network ensures that IoT devices remain connected across different regions, providing companies with a reliable communication infrastructure.

About Onomondo

Onomondo exists to bring seamless global IoT connectivity to the world. By integrating 630+ networks into a unified core network, we provide a straightforward, flexible connectivity backbone that drastically reduces data and power consumption on devices.

Getting Started

For more information on the partnership, integration features, and how to implement them within your company, visit the following resources:

  1. Qubitro documentation
  2. Onomondo global coverage list

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