Account Balance Enhancements, QuickSwitch Introduction, and New Image Map Widget


Account Balance & Support Plans

Balance acts as credits or pre-payments. Unlike promotional codes, however, balances can only be provided by the Qubitro team members.

We've enhanced the billing page with the addition of a balance history feature. Together with real-time usage data, this combination further eliminates any unexpected surprises.

Balance history is available on the Billing page located under Account Settings.

Introducing QuickSwitch

QuickSwitch allows you to switch between your projects and dashboards in a flash, making it easy to navigate the platform at any time.

By clicking the expand arrow on the project name, you can go back to the projects list, switch between projects, or jump to the new project page.

New Features

Widgets: New Image Map

The Image Map widget allows you to position sensors on diverse images - be it floor plans, industrial flow charts, or any other map or plan - enabling you to visually track your data in its context, all with a simple drag-and-drop experience.

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